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On the Map tab, you can see the location of all units from the work list.

In addition to the same name tab, the map is available in the properties of the unit, its history, and on the Geofences tab. You can find the information about the map settings here.

Map settings

To change any map settings (map layers, unit captions, and so on), tap the icon  in the upper-left corner. You can also do this in the Interface customization section on the Settings tab.

Working with the map

You can zoom and rotate the map. Besides, you can use it to find your own location.


Zooming the map is possible using the buttons (the Zoom buttons option should be activated in the settings) or special gestures:

  • double tap or spread to zoom in;
  • single tap or pinch to zoom out.

Map rotating

Map rotating is possible using a rotation gesture with two fingers. To return the map to its original position, tap the compass icon.

Finding your own location

To find your own location on the map, tap the icon . As a result, the map focuses on the location of the mobile device, and the icon turns blue. When you move around the map and lose the location marker, the icon  changes to  tapping which centers the map on the location of the mobile device.

Map menu

The map menu is available after a long tap on the map. The menu contains the following items:

Planning a route

Tap Navigate to in the menu to open a list of the navigation applications installed on the device. Select the required one to plan a route.

The navigation application automatically uses the point you have tapped on the map as the endpoint of the route. The starting point is the location of the mobile device.

Units on map

By default, the map is centered so that you can see all units on the screen. To quickly find the unit, use the dynamic search.

To view extended information about a unit, tap its icon. Tap the icon again to center the map on the unit and update the data from the General information and History blocks.

Icon grouping

The icons overlapping each other can be replaced by a common icon with a numerical indicator (the Icon grouping option). The indicator displays the number of grouped units. Tap the icon to see the list of the units.

If there are more than 100 units in the work list, the Icon grouping option is enabled automatically when you open the map.

Movement direction arrows

If the Unit movement direction layer is activated in the web version of Wialon and the Unit icons option is enabled in application settings, the unit movement direction is shown next to the unit icon on the map.

Motion state signs

If you want to see motion state signs instead of unit icons, disable the Unit icons option in the application settings. In this case, the following signs are used:

SignMotion state

The unit is moving in the indicated direction.

The unit is not moving.

The unit is not moving, the engine is on. The sign is displayed if you have configured an engine ignition sensor for the unit.

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