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Mobile Application Interface

The interface of the mobile version of WiaChat consists of two key elements: main screen and side menu.

Main screen

The main screen contains a chat and a messages input field.

You can attach an image (either new or saved on your smartphone), file and location to your message. To do this, click on the buttons below the input field.

You can view all messages in the chat as well as only text messages or messages with files. To filter messages, click on the icon in the form of three vertical points in the top bar and select the corresponding display type in the pop-up menu.

Side menu

In the side menu, you can enable saving photos to a gallery, choose image quality for sending, adjust a night mode and activate sending SMS messages.

To go to the side menu, click on the hamburger icon in the top bar of the application or swipe right inside the workplace. 

Photo quality

Here you can select image quality for sending photos. Traffic consumption depends on the chosen quality. The available variants are described below.

OriginalAn original image without quality loss.
HighAn original image is compressed to 3 megapixels (not more than 600 kb).
MediumAn original image is compressed to 2 megapixels (not more than 300 kb).
LowAn original image is compressed to 1 megapixel (not more than 100 kb).
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