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This component requires separate licensing.

To create a new modem, press the Add modem button at the top of the section. Three types of modems are supported: GSM modem, SMPP gateway, and network modem. Some of the parameters of their configuration are common and others differ.

To delete a modem, open its settings and press Delete at the bottom of the dialog.

Modem common parameters

NameEnter a name for the modem.
PhoneEnter the phone number of the SIM card installed in the modem.
Link priorityDefine communications channel priority. The first is selected the modem with the highest priority (the higher the number, the higher the priority).
Restart intervalIndicate restart interval in seconds. If the connection with the modem is broken for any reason, after the time it will be automatically restarted. Note that if the restart interval is zero, the modem is not started when restarting the service.
Phone mask

Use this field if you want the messages to the phone numbers that correspond to the indicated mask to be sent from this particular modem. Otherwise, the messages will be sent via another modem or will not be sent at all. If the same mask is indicated for several modems, the values of the Priority field are taken into consideration. When entering the phone number mask, you can use the special characters * (replaces several characters), ? (replaces one character) and ! (excludes the symbols specified after it from the search) or their combinations. For instance, a phone mask may look as follows:

  • *372* — all numbers that contain 372,
  • +44* — numbers that start with +44,
  • ?31* — numbers in which the second and the third characters are 31,
  • !*116 — all numbers, except for those that end with 116.

GSM modem parameters

To use a GSM modem, execute the addgroup wialon dialout command in the server's console.

Serial portFor GSM-modem, you can specify the physical port of the server to which it is connected.
Port speedThe speed of the GSM-modem port. If any errors appear while operating, reduce this value.
SMS service centerUsually, the SMS service center is strictly indicated on the SIM card, and you do not need to enter it here.
AT commandsIndicate additional initialization AT commands if they are required according to the modem instructions manual. If you need to indicate several commands, use commas to separate them from each other.
Use 8-bit encoding onlyCheck this option if you want to exclude other kinds of encoding (if you are going to receive information that includes only Latin letters and special characters).

SMPP gateway parameters

The SMPP API v3.4 protocol is used.

Server ...Indicate server host (IP address or DNS name), server port, and password to connect to the server. If needed, indicate server type, which can be VMS (voice mail system), OTA (over-the-air activation system), or other.
Account name & Source addressEnter account name (login) and the source address to recognize the sender (like phone number, company name or both).
TON/NPIDefine format if necessary.
Enable synchronous modeSMPP synchro mode may be useful to make hardware diagnostics. This works by the following algorithm: while there is no notification that the first SMS was delivered, the second one will not be sent.
Use GSM03.38 encodingCheck this option if you want to exclude other kinds of encoding.
Split long SMS messages using SAR methodBy default, SMS messages are transmitted with UDH method (User Data Header) where system information is placed at the beginning. SAR method (segmentation and reassembly) allows placing this information at the end in TLV format, which is essential for several languages that have characters which cannot be transmitted in 8-bit encoding. In these cases, enable the Split long SMS messages using SAR method option to solve the problem.
Remove '+' in destination numberCheck the option to eliminate the plus symbol from destination phone numbers.

Parameters for network modem

To connect a remote physical modem, send a request for the installation of a special utility to the technical support.

Indicate the server host, server port, and password to connect to the server.

Server hostAn IP address or a DNS name where the utility is installed.
Server portA port where the utility is waiting for a connection.
Server passwordAn optional field that is adjusted in the configuration file of the utility.

Advanced parameters

Modem activity can be restricted to selected billing plans. The modem is unavailable for all billing plans by default. To use a modem for a billing plan it is necessary to move the corresponding billing plan from the right column to the left one.

SMS sending

The mechanism of the selection of the channel for sending SMS is as follows.

  1. The billing plan from the account from which an SMS is sent (which belongs to the resource with a job/driver/notification or where a unit has been created) is checked.
  2. All the available modems in this billing plan are found.
  3. The modems are organized according to their priority from the highest to the lowest.
  4. A search of the phone number according to the mask is realized, and the modem that corresponds to it receives the highest priority. If there are several such modems, the values of the Priority field from their properties are taken into consideration.
  5. If the current found modem is stopped, the following one is selected for sending SMS.

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