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Unit Groups
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The unit group is a series of monitoring units that are combined together on the basis of a certain feature or without it. Unit groups are widely used in the Wialon system and are useful to both managers and end users. Therefore, it is possible to work with unit groups both in CMS Manager and in the main interface.

Unit groups in management

Unit groups help in the management of the system. They facilitate the assignment of rights to units, allowing you to give the user access to a whole group at once.

Unit groups are widely used for monitoring purposes.

In the management system, all the available units, including the deactivated ones, are displayed in groups.

Working with unit groups

To work with groups of units, open the Unit Groups tab in the navigation panel of CMS Manager. Here you can create, view, edit, copy and delete unit groups.

There is a button to create a new unit group, as well as a search filter. The table of results displays the name of the group, icon assigned, creator, account, number of units and icon to open the log. Standard operations with objects (create, view, edit, copy, delete) are described here.

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