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Execute a Command over a Unit
  • jobs
  • commands

For the Execute a command over a unit job, select a command that should be executed.

The list consists of all commands configured in the properties of the selected units (verify that you have the Execute commands access right to these units)

Some of the units might not support the selected command. Restrictions can be placed due to the absence of access rights or the device type in use.

Pay attention to the icon in the Supported column:

  • means that all the selected units support the command;
  • means that not all the selected units can execute the command (for more information about the restriction, see details in the tooltip).

For some commands, you should set additional parameters, such as the input/output number, online report interval, and so on. More information about executing commands you can find here.

When the time comes to execute a command according to the job's schedule, the user's access rights are checked. The user who is the creator of the resource to which the job belongs should have the Execute commands access right as well as the set of rights indicated in the properties of the command itself.

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