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Standard Rights (Item ACL)
  • access_rights

There are 16 standard rights, i.e. rights that every macro object has.

Type of right



View item and its basic properties


Allows seeing the item in various lists and panels. The General tab (at least, name, creator, and resource or account) is available in the item properties dialog. However, no properties can be changed without additional rights. This is a basic right: without it, all other rights have no effect.

View detailed item properties


Allows viewing more item properties. It influences both units (viewing the Trip detection and Fuel consumption tabs) and accounts (the contents of the General tab in the account properties dialog is supplemented, and the Services and Restrictions tabs appear in this dialog; the Account tab is added in the user settings dialog).

Manage access to the item


Allows granting other users rights to the item. As a rule, the Access tab becomes available in the item properties where the user can set access rights to this item. Besides, the item appears on the Access tab in the dialogs of other users, where the rights can be established as well.

Delete item


Allows deleting the item from the system.

Rename item


Allows renaming the item.

View custom fields


The Custom fields tab becomes available for viewing in the properties of an object (unit, unit group, user, resource). Moreover, the Profile tab also becomes available for viewing in the unit properties. Both View custom fields right and the next one (Manage custom fields) influence only the objects mentioned above (units, unit groups, users, resources).

Manage custom fields


Allows creating, delete, and change custom fields in the unit/group/user/resource properties, as well as edit the contents of the Profile tab in the unit properties. This right is valid only together with the previous one.

View admin fields


Allows users to view custom fields with limited access (admin fields) on the Custom fields tab of unit/group/user/resource properties.

Manage admin fields


Allows users to create, delete, and edit admin fields.

Edit not mentioned properties


Allows editing some advanced item properties. This right is applicable only to units (gives the opportunity to edit color schemes for a track/sensor on the Advanced tab, or enable the icon rotation on the Icon tab).

Change icon


Allows changing the icon assigned to the item. It is valid only for units and unit groups, since other items do not have such a feature.

Query reports or messages


Allows querying messages and create reports for given item.

Edit ACL propagated items


Works only on unit groups. Allows adding/removing objects to/from a group.

Manage log


Allows seeing the log of an item which appears in the table report Log. You should have the Query messages or reports access right to see it.

View and download files


Allows using the file server to view and download files for the chosen item.

Upload and delete files


Allows using the file server to upload and delete files for the chosen item.

If a user has the right to see the unit, its affiliation to the account, creator, groups, assigned driver, etc., these rights can be fully realized only if this user has at least the minimum rights to the corresponding items (account, user-creator, group, driver).

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