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The Account tab contains the General and Statistics sections. To switch between them, use the buttons at the top of the tab.

The tab is available only to the users with the View item and its basic properties, View detailed item properties, and Query reports or messages access rights to the account. If the Query reports or messages access right is absent, only the General section is available.

In the General section, the name of the billing plan, current balance, and the table with the list of available services are displayed. The table contains four columns.

ServiceThe type of service.
In useThe number of services of the same type in use.
LimitThe maximum number of available services of the same type. A 'zero' value means that the service is unavailable. If there is a dash, there are no restrictions.
ResetThe frequency (per hour, per day, per week, per month) with which the data about the services In use is reset.

In the Statistics section, you can get information about service charges for the period of up to 60 days. To do this, select the required time interval and press Show.

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