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On this tab, you can see the activated Wialon Local components and their status.

The amount of available system functionality depends on the configuration of the distributive included in your package.

If you want to activate new components, go to your personal account or write to partners@wialon.com. After purchasing a component, you will receive an update which you have to install on the System tab. To complete the procedure, Wialon Local is automatically restarted. In certain cases, you may need to refresh the page and clear the cache. The activated components receive the Purchased status.

In the upper right corner of the block, you can see the time of the license expiration. If the license expires in less than 12 hours, a yellow indicator is displayed next to the time. If the license has expired, a red indicator is shown. The red indicator can also denote that there is no Internet connection required for the connection to the license server and correct work of Wialon Local.


Three types of components are available: modules, retranslators, and hardware.


The main purpose of modules is to extend the possibilities of your service. The modules allow adding new features for the end users (such as Notifications, Fuel control, Advanced reports, etc.) or enhance the general properties of the service (such as Hot backup, Personal design, Extra site, etc.).

Besides status, the number of module items is shown for such components as Units, Extra Site, Wialon Mobile 2, and Personal Design.


Here you can see a list of retranslation protocols for your service.


This block contains a list of the device types used in the system. All hardware is divided into groups according to the manufacturer. This means that if you purchase XYZ hardware, you purchase all types of devices produced by the XYZ company. See GPS hardware for further information and the full list of the supported devices.

Components list management

In all the blocks, the items are sorted alphabetically, however, the purchased items are placed above forming an additional list. You can change the type of sorting: by current usage or purchase status. To do this, click on the title of the corresponding column once (for direct sorting order) or twice (for reverse sorting order). To quickly find a certain item, use the filter to the right of the header of each block.

You can disable the division of the items by status. To do this, click on Status in the header twice (unlike other titles, this one has three states: up, down, and none, when the sorting is disabled). With the sorting by status disabled, you can sort the list of items alphabetically or by other criteria.

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