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Math Consumption Wizard
  • math_consumption

The wizard simplifies the process of creating and configuring the sensors for the mathematical calculation of fuel consumption. Calculation of fuel consumption is made in accordance with the speed of the unit.

To open the wizard, click on the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the Sensors tab of the unit properties.

While opening the math consumption wizard, the system searches for existing engine operation sensors (ignition, relative and absolute operating hours) and engine efficiency sensors, and also checks the values of the previous settings.

The window of the wizard consists of two sections and looks as follows:

In the first section, two options may be available for activation according to the previous properties of the unit.

Replace current efficiency sensors

It is shown if engine efficiency sensors have been found. The checkbox of this option is activated by default. When you press OK, the sensors created before are replaced by the new ones. If the checkbox is not activated, the new sensors are added to the existing ones.

Create previous version-based sensors

It is shown if the unit has previously activated fuel calculation checkboxes. If the option is enabled, the two sections of the wizard located below become inactive and are filled with the available data.

In the second section you can specify the consumption in different modes and the seasonal multiplier.

Consumption in different modes:

  • Consumption, l/h. The fuel consumption during idling. If the field is filled in, its value is substituted in the first ignition sensor. If it is not, then the fuel consumption during idling is calculated as [urban cycle/10] (according to the statistical data).
  • Urban cycle, l/100 km. The fuel consumption in the urban cycle (obligatory option).
  • Suburban cycle, l/100 km. The fuel consumption in the suburban cycle.

After pressing the OK button, the ignition sensor is created (or the consumption during idling for the existing sensors is modified), as well as the engine efficiency sensor with the parameter (speed + #speed)/const2. The data for the consumption in urban and suburban cycles and the minimum moving speed from the trip detector is used for the calculation table.

Seasonal multiplier, %

In this part of the math consumption wizard the multiplying or reduction coefficient for different seasons is adjusted. In the Seasonal multiplier field the coefficient is indicated in percent (for the reduction coefficient it should be a negative number). In the fields From and To the time frames of the season are entered.

If the values for the seasonal multiplier are indicated, after pressing the OK button the engine efficiency sensor with the parameter time: d is created.

All the sensors created by means of the math consumption wizard have the mark (wizard) in their names.

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