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Temperature Coefficient
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The temperature coefficient is a sensor which is created on the basis of a parameter that sends the temperature/voltage and is used to adjust the fuel level in the tank. Any liquids can be compressed and expanded depending on the ambient temperature, that is why the readings of fuel level sensor, especially of high volumes (for example, tanker), may seem to be incorrect without taking into account the temperature values.

The temperature coefficient sensor, as well as other sensors, is created in the unit properties on the Sensors tab. Press New and fill in the required fields. The type of sensor is Temperature coefficient, name and description are any of your choice. Unit of measurement is not obligatory. Be sure to clearly indicate the parameter that sends the temperature data.

Afterwards, switch to the Calculation table tab and using the Wizard enter the coefficient values — the maximum and minimum temperature coefficient. Beforehand, some preliminary preparations should be done:

  1. Look through the specification and find out the maximum and minimum working temperatures of your fuel level sensor. In our case they are tmax = +100 and tmin = -60°С.
  2. Find out the nominal temperature for the reference volume, in other words, the temperature which does not change fuel amount that is, does not require the use of a coefficient. In our case the value is the following: trated = +20°С.
  3. Find out the density of a fuel you use (ρ). In our case it is diesel fuel, whose density is 0.89 t/m3.

Calculate the values of the coefficients using the following formulas:

Thus we have:

Now enter the data found for the minimum and maximum temperature values into the fields of the Calculation table wizard and generate a calculation table.

If the parameter sends not temperature, but, for example, voltage, then instead of the minimum, maximum, and rated temperature it is necessary to know the minimum and maximum voltage and also a rated voltage of a reference amount and do the calculations on the basis of this data.

The temperature coefficient affects only those calculations that are carried out according to the fuel level sensor.

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