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  • filtration

Ellipsis (...) substitutes Unit properties Sensors FLS properties when indicating the option paths.

Two options are connected with filtering:

  • Option: Filter fuel level sensors values;
  • Option: Filtration level (0..255).

Enabling filtration and the filtration level setting

... → General settings → 'Calculate fuel consumption by sensor' → 'Filter fuel level sensors values';
... → General settings → 'Calculate fuel consumption by sensor'→ 'Filtration level (0..255)'.

When using the filtration make sure to:

  1. enable the Calculate fuel consumption by sensor option;
  2. enable the Filter fuel level sensors values option;
  3. set greater than or equal to zero value in the Filtration level (0...255) field.

Filtering should be used when it is necessary to remove erroneous values, significantly larger/smaller than the remaining values. During filtering, median smoothing is used.

The value 0 in the Filtration level option is not the zero filtering, but the minimum possible filtering for three messages since this is the minimum amount of data required for median smoothing.

Any number from 1 to 255 set in Filtration level multiplied by 5. This number of messages is going to be filtered.

To disable the filtration completely, disable the Filter fuel level sensors values option.

The chart with the disabled filtration:

The chart with the enabled filtration:

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