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LBS Detector
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LBS Detector is a tool which helps to detect a unit's location on the map using the mobile network.

This tool enables you to determine the location of the nearest base station only. So, the knowledge of the base station location implies the unit is nearby.

To open LBS detector, select the same name item on the Tools tab. Further actions are listed below.

Working with LBS detector

Choose a necessary unit in the dropdown list. Its contents depend on the work list of the Monitoring tab and access to those units (Query reports or messages). Besides, the list contains only the units with corresponding parameters.

After the unit is chosen, a search starts automatically. Then the map is centered on the found location identified with the blue marker. Also, unit's name can be enabled/disabled below the marker by pressing the corresponding button in the bottom panel. Moreover, the LBS detector window shows such information as the time of defining the latest location and its address. To the right of this data, there is a Refresh button pressing which the location information will be updated.

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