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A user can obtain the ability to see a unit on the map, track its state (speed, sensor values, etc.), change its properties, execute commands, generate reports about its activity, use the unit in jobs and notifications, etc.

Standard Access Rights

Some details about standard rights for units are described below.

View object and its basic properties

The following information is available in the unit properties dialog: on the General tab — name, creator, account, counters; on the Advanced tab — color schemes for sensors and tracks; on the Sensors tab — the list of sensors; on the Unit groups tab — the list of groups where the unit belongs (if the groups are accessible). The information about the current state of the unit can be seen in its tooltip and in the extended unit information: the time of the last message, current location, speed, altitude, satellites, values of counters, sensors, and parameters, as well as the presence in geofences and assigned driver. The checkbox allows you to see the unit in various lists and panels, monitor its movements on the map in real time (though the tracks cannot be built), and watch its movement along the routes (but it cannot be assigned to the rides). This checkbox also allows you to control unit groups, i.e. add/remove the unit to/from groups which can be done through the properties dialog of the unit group.

View detailed object properties

Gives access to the settings used for the reports. The user can see the properties applied to the reports: the Trip detection and Eco driving tabs, report parameters, and messages filtration settings on the Advanced tab. Neither editing these things nor report execution is allowed.

Edit not mentioned properties

Allows editing the color schemes for sensors and tracks on the Advanced tab.

Request reports and messages

Allows viewing messages for the selected interval (except for the log), query reports (except for the tables Log and Custom fields which require additional rights), and build tracks.

Manage object log

Allows querying the unit log through messages or reports (if the checkbox Request reports and messages is enabled) and make custom records in the log (if the box Manage events is checked).

Other standard access rights (Manage access to this object, Delete object, Rename object, View custom fields, Manage custom fields, View admin fields, Manage admin fields, Change icon, View and download files, Upload and delete files) work as described above. The Edit ACL-propagated objects check box does not affect units at all.

Special access rights

Below is the list of special rights which can be applied specifically to units.

Unit ACL
View connectivity settingsAllows you to view the device type, unique ID, phone number(-s), device access password on the General tab, as well as the filtration parameters of the messages on the Advanced tab. In addition, the device type, phone number(-s), and unique ID also appear in the unit tooltip and in the extended unit information. If the SMS service is activated, the user can also send text messages to this unit.
Edit connectivity settings

Allows you to edit the device type, unique ID, phone number(-s), device access password on the General tab, and messages filtration parameters on the Advanced tab.

Create, edit, and delete sensorsSensors and their values are always visible, but this checkbox allows editing and delete them, as well as create new ones. Additionally, the calculation tables and graphs of the created sensors become available for editing.
Edit countersAllows you to change the values of the counters (GPRS traffic, mileage, engine hours) and methods of their operation.
Delete messagesAllows you to delete data messages and messages about sent commands in the Messages panel. It also allows deleting the records from the log (if the Manage object log checkbox is enabled). Works only in combination with Request reports and messages check box.
Send commandsAllows you to send commands (e.g. from the Monitoring panel). In addition, when configuring tasks and notifications, this right is checked to display the commands in the list of the available commands.
Manage eventsAllows you to register such events as fuel fillings, maintenance work, custom event, and unit status. A special registrar in the Monitoring panel is used for that. Also, this checkbox allows deleting already registered events. If the Manage object log checkbox is enabled, a record can be added to the unit log.
View service intervals

Allows you to view the Service intervals tab in the unit properties dialog as well as view the maintenance state in the unit tooltip and extended unit information.

Create, edit, and delete service intervalsAllows you to edit and delete service intervals as well as create new ones. Works only in combination with the previous checkbox.
Import messagesAllows you to import messages to a unit database. Works only in combination with the Request reports and messages check box.
Export messagesAllows you to export messages from a unit to a file. Works only in combination with the Request reports and messages check box.
View commandsAllows you to view the Commands tab in the unit properties. This access right is also required to export commands.
Create, edit, and delete commandsAllows you to create, edit, and delete commands on that tab. Works only in combination with the previous checkbox.
Edit trip detectorAllows you to edit such tabs as Trip detection, Eco driving, and report parameters on the Advanced tab. Works only in combination with the View detailed object properties check box.
Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslatorsAllows you to create jobs and notifications for the unit, assign it to routes, and use it in retranslation.

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