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Transferring Resource Contents
  • import
  • export
  • resources

Any contents of a resource can be imported and exported:

  • geofences,
  • jobs,
  • notifications,
  • drivers,
  • trailers,
  • passengers,
  • report templates.

When transferring geofences from one resource to another, the standard icons from the geofence library can be transferred using one of the previously described methods (KML/KMZ, and WLP import/export). Other images of geofences are transferred using KML/KMZ files only.

Drivers and trailers are exported without images. If you need to transfer them, you can use the copy function instead of import/export.

Drivers with the same phone numbers (or with phone numbers that already belong to some units) cannot exist in the system. Therefore, when you try to import such fields, their value will be reset (they can be edited later).

When importing drivers and trailers by merger or replacement, all their attachments (bindings) are lost.

If the report template contains parameters to filter intervals by geofences, these parameters should be checked (and probably corrected) when the template is copied to another resource as geofences can be bind to a template only within the same resource. Also, connection with units can be lost because the new owner of the template does not have enough access to the units.

The same is true for jobs and notifications if they mention geofences, units, users, reports, groups etc. since the new owner of a notification/task must have access rights to work with these objects.

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