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Input Rules
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Below you can find the rules that must be followed when entering data.

Names of units, unit groups, users, accounts, routes, and retranslators must contain at least four characters. Other objects (such as geofences, drivers, report templates, sensors, and so on) may have names with the length of one character.

Names of units, users, unit groups, accounts, and retranslators must not contain more than 50 characters.

You cannot enter letters in numeric fields (phone numbers, counter values, radius, fuel consumption settings, settings of trip detection, and so on).

It is forbidden to use the following characters: '' (double quotes), { } (curly braces), \ (backslash).

It is forbidden to use:

  • spaces at the beginning or end of the editable field (allowed in the middle);
  • commas in the numeric fields as separators (to introduce fractional numbers, use a dot as a separator);
  • commas, colon, ampersand (&) in the report templates (in column names, table headings, and names of statistics fields).

It is not recommended to use > < (angle brackets), as in some cases they will automatically be replaced with &gt; and &lt;.

If the data is incorrect, the line is highlighted in red and the OK button becomes inactive. As a result, you will not be able to save changes or create an object.

Phone numbers and email addresses

Phone numbers must be entered in the international format and contain all the necessary codes (country code, communication statement or city code, and then the phone number itself). Brackets, spaces, and hyphens are not allowed. The only symbol that can be used for entering phone numbers is plus (+) at the beginning of the number. Examples: +19176726154, +15551234567.

Email addresses must be in the format username — the 'at' sign (@) — domain name. Emails can contain letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as dots (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_). Example: username@domain.net.

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