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The license is integrated into your personal build of software.

Every day, Wialon Local connects to the license server lic.gurtam.com (port 31176) and confirms the usage of the product on one server at a time. If this license check is blocked because of firewall or lack of Internet connection, it will cause a ban to use the program. In this case, you will not be able to create new units and use Gurtam Maps. Some time later, however, all services of Wialon Local get denied except for the administration panel.

The client's server that sends queries to the license server should have a single permanent (static) IP address.

If there is a problem with the license, you cannot create any units, and phrases like Error fetching license: 'avl.unit' can be found in log files. Several times a day Wialon Local connects to the server local-api.wialon.com to fetch updates. This server is also responsible for the authorization of the administrator. A successful authorization of the administrator, as well as successful purchases are possible only with an enabled Internet connection.

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