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Administering Tasks
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The maintenance of the Wialon Local server must be performed by a qualified Linux system administrator with competencies that allow performing the tasks stated below.

Primary tasks

  • Install, delete, relocate, start and stop the service.
  • Backup the database.
  • Configure, troubleshoot and maintain the storage system.
  • Configure the network subsystem and network interfaces, configure the server to work with domain services (DHCP, DNS, NTP, SSH) and with auxiliary services (postfix/exim,nginx).

When contacting Gurtam technical support on issues related to the server administration, you should provide direct access via SSH.

  • Ensure availability of the license server.
  • Control the Wialon service status, the operating system, and the devices.
  • Check server logs, Wialon logs and device logs, control log rotation using logrotate.
  • Manage the global server settings of Wialon.
  • Configure and provide the operation of Wialon sites.
  • Control free disk space.

Secondary tasks

  • Automate routine operations.
  • Configure the mail subsystem.
  • Configure the security system (iptables,fail2ban, strong passwords, and so on).
  • Monitor processes on the server, check for possible viruses regularly.
  • Configure modems of the GSM, SMPP gateway and network types.

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