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Sensor Tracing
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This table shows sensor values at certain points in time. The table can be exported in MS Excel where you can build any custom charts based on the data provided.

The report can include all messages or take a value in a time interval (like take a value every 10 minutes). One or the other alternative is chosen when configuring report template. If tracing interval is indicated, the system will search and display sensor value from the message which is the closest to the necessary point in time.

The available columns are described below.

SpeedThe speed of the unit from the message from which the value was taken.
CoordinatesThe coordinates of the unit from the message.
LocationThe location of the unit at the moment of sending the message with the sensor's value.
SensorThe name of the sensor.
TimeThe time of the message from which the value was taken.
ValueThe value (numbers only).
Formatted valueThe value based on the indicated units of measurement or the value of the text sensor.
DriverThe name of the driver (if available).
TrailerThe name of the trailer (if it was assigned).
NotesAn empty column for custom notes.
ImageThe images received from the unit. Viewing images in reports and the functions available while doing this are described here.

Activate the appropriate checkbox to get a separate column for each sensor. This option is available only in reports for single units, not for unit groups. If you choose this option, the columns Values or/and Formatted value will be generated for each sensor individually. This allows exporting sensor values to MS Excel and eventually building various charts and diagrams on this basis.

If you activate the Each sensor in separate column and Skip invalid values options simultaneously, only the lines that have at least one sensor's value is shown in the generated report. The lines without any sensor's value are not shown. The name of a column containing formatted values is marked by a special symbol (*). Formatted value fields may contain textual information (in brackets) indicated for value intervals.

In addition, you can choose a driver/trailer and geofences/units to be controlled (see interval filtration for details).

Invalid values

If the parameter value contains the characters that the system can't decode, then  is displayed in the report instead of them, and a dash (-----) is shown instead of the value when you export the report to an XLSX file.

If a received value is out of range (the bounds are indicated in sensor properties), then a dash is displayed in the lines with the values of the sensor. To exclude such rows, check the Skip invalid values option in the report template.

The cases when a sensor sends text values (as opposed to numeric) or no values at all are also considered invalid.

In order for the text parameters to be recognized as valid and displayed in the Formatted value column, activate the Text parameters option when creating a custom sensor.

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