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"Events" Module
  • events_module

In this block of the System tab, you can enable real-time data processing and configure its parameters as well as recalculate this data for any unit.

Module configuration

ActiveActivate this option to allow real-time data processing. If the option is disabled, only the mechanism of processing messages from the database is used.
Process history for N daysIn this field, you should indicate how old should be the messages valid for the mechanism of real-time data processing. That is, the messages coming from the black box should not be older than the indicated value. Otherwise, the data is not formed on the basis of these messages. The maximum allowed value is 365 days. However, we do not recommend indicating a period that exceeds several days to avoid high load related to processing a large amount of data.

Data recalculation for a unit

If the module is activated, you can manually start the recalculation of the unit data for the past period. To do this, select a unit, indicate the period, and click Recalculate.

Select unitTo find the required unit, start typing its name, device type, unique ID, or telephone number. You should enter at least three characters in order for the search to work.
For the last N daysThe number of days for which the data should be recalculated. The allowed values are from 1 to 366.
StatusIf you click on this button when any unit is selected, the status of the unit is shown. If there is no selected unit, the number of active recalculations is shown.

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