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Deleting Accounts and Resources
  • accounts
  • resources

To delete an account, you should have the Delete object and Manage account access rights to it. To delete a resource, you should have the Delete object access right to it.

As a rule, the deletion of accounts or resources is necessary when clients stop working with the system.

Deleting accounts

To delete an account, click on the icon  in its line (the Delete column).

A click on the icon opens a window in which you can see the types and names of all system objects that will be deleted with the account. To confirm the action, click OK.

If you delete an account, you automatically delete:

  • all micro-objects stored in the account resource (geofences and groups of geofences, jobs, notifications, drivers and groups of drivers, trailers and groups of trailers, passengers and groups of passengers, report templates);
  • all macro-objects belonging to the account (subordinate accounts, resources, users, units and groups of units, retranslators, routes).

Deleting resources

To delete a resource, select it in the table (the Select column), click on the icon  in the tool panel, and confirm the action in the window that opens.

If you delete a resource, you automatically delete all micro-objects stored in it:

  • geofences and groups of geofences;
  • jobs;
  • notifications;
  • drivers and groups of drivers;
  • trailers and groups of trailers;
  • passengers and groups of passengers;
  • report templates.

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