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Transferring Resource Contents
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You can export the contents of one resource to another or save the contents to a WLP file using the import and export tool.

You can export any contents of a resource:

  • geofences;
  • jobs;
  • notifications;
  • drivers;
  • trailers;
  • passengers;
  • report templates.

To export resource contents, select the Export to WLP item in the user menu and select Resource in the Export from drop-down list. See a detailed guide here.

To add the contents of one resource to another using a WLP file, select the Import from WLP item in the user menu and follow the guide.

Below you can see the peculiarities related to the export of some resource objects.

Exporting geofences

You can copy geofences to another resource in two ways:

  • export/import from WLP;
  • export/import from KML (KMZ).

The standard icons of geofences are copied in both cases. Other images of geofences can only be exported using KML (KMZ) files.

Exporting drivers and trailers

The images of drivers and trailers are not saved during export. To copy them, you can create a copy of the driver or trailer (the icon ) and select the resource in which this copy should be saved.

Drivers with the same phone numbers (or with phone numbers which already belong to some units) cannot exist in the system. Such fields are cleared during import. You can edit them later.

When importing drivers and trailers, the information about their assignments is lost. If you need this data, you can add assignment records manually or retransmit data for a past period.

Exporting reports, notifications, and jobs

If any geofences, units, users, report templates, etc. are mentioned in the settings of the exported report templates, notifications, and jobs, check and edit these settings, if necessary.

For example, a report template contains settings for filtering intervals by geofences. After exporting the template to another resource, you should check these settings because geofences can be bound to the template only within one resource. Thus, you should bind the geofences to the template again in the new resource. Also, the connection with units may be lost if they are selected for the interval filtration, and the creator of the new resource doesn’t have access rights to these units.

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