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How to Calibrate a Fuel Tank
  • hardware

To calibrate a fuel tank for a digital or analog FLS (fuel level sensor), follow the steps below.

  1. Empty the tank completely. Make sure the vehicle accumulator is charged and will not go flat in a couple of hours.
  2. Cut the FLS to the necessary length and install it into the tank.
  3. Enable data transmission for the necessary input (for example, Ain1). It is recommended to set a frequent data transmission (like once in 10 seconds, for example).
  4. Draw a grid for your future calibration table. There will be two columns – Liters and Volts, and so many rows as parts you divide your tank into (+ O liters row). Write the beginning time of the operation.
  5. Divide the volume of your tank into 10-30 parts. Pour portions of fuel and each time write the current fuel level in the tank into your calibration table. Wait 2-3 minutes after each new portion. Continue till the tank is full. As a result, the first column of your table (Liters) will be filled in.

After that follow the instruction on setting calculation table in Wialon.

See the examples of configuring the calculation table for the FLS here.

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