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Basic Concepts
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To understand the connection between objects in the management system, see the following basic concepts:



A person who logs in to the system and has access to its objects in accordance with the granted rights

The user as an object in Wialon has the following peculiarities:

  • can log in to the system;
  • can create macro-objects on their behalf and on behalf of other users (if the user has the required access rights);
  • can change access rights for other users;
  • all users except for the top one have a creator.

You can create several users in one account.


A place which is used for storing micro-objects. When creating a new resource, you can select a user who should be its creator. The resource belongs to the account of its creator.

You cannot grant access to a separate micro-object within the resource, only to the whole resource at once. If you want different users to have access to different objects, it is convenient to place these objects in different resources.

You can export and import the resource contents.

Billing plan

A set of available functions and restrictions which should be applied to accounts.

In the billing plan, you can configure the list of available services and their cost, conditions for blocking accounts depending on the balance and the number of days. In the billing plan, you can also specify the email address for sending system notifications, list of modems and devices, etc. It is advisable to create billing plans before accounts. Thus, when creating a new account, you can select a configured billing plan for it.

You can redefine some settings of the billing plan in the account properties, for example, available services. The properties configured in this way have priority over the billing plan properties (except for the history period). Such settings as the list of devices, modems, and some others are available only for billing plans.


A unity of three components: a user, a resource, and a billing plan.

When creating an account, the same-name resource and user are created automatically (if an existing user is not selected for this account). You cannot create an account without selecting a billing plan for it.

An account can also contain other users, resources, and macro-objects.

All accounts except for the top one have a parent account.

For individual clients, it is advisable to create accounts rather than users and resources.

In the account properties, you can configure access to services and some other options which are also available in the billing plan. In most cases, the values specified manually in the account have priority over the ones specified in the billing plan.

Hierarchy of accounts

An order in which accounts are subordinate to each other. It influences the distribution of rights in Wialon. The basic principle of hierarchy is that a subordinate account cannot have more rights and services than a parent one. It is important to organize the service structure before getting started in Wialon.

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