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Using Geofences
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Apart from the Geofences tab, you can see geofences on the map on other tabs, use them on the Monitoring tab, in notifications, reports and routes. Geofences can also be displayed in unit tooltips if the Presence in geofences option is enabled in the user settings.


On the Monitoring tab, geofences can be displayed:

NotificationsYou can configure a notification of the Geofence type to receive it when a unit enters or leaves a geofence. You can configure this notification so that it is sent only when the unit speed or sensor readings are beyond the specified limits.

The Advanced reports module includes reports on geofences and their groups

In reports on units, you can use the following tables related to geofences:

Geofences can be used:

  • in the address field if the Use geofences for addresses option is activated in the settings of the report template;
  • for interval filtration in report tables;
  • on the map for an executed report.
RoutesYou can use geofences as check points when creating routes.

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