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One of the key moments in the management of the Wialon monitoring system is the correct and consistent assignment of the creator for certain macro-objects of the system.

The creator of a system object is the user of the system on whose behalf this object was created and to whose account it belongs. Initially, when creating an object, the user-creator gets full access rights and can also give other users access to it.

You cannot withdraw the View object and its basic properties access right from the creator of an object.

The creator of any user automatically gets full access rights to all the objects created by this user.

Building a hierarchy with the help of the creator allows dividing the amount of work between several users, assign different rights to objects, and also reduce the amount of processed information on the screen at the expense of 'unnecessary' data.

When you create a new system object, the creator is selected or assigned automatically. When creating an account, the creator can be selected or created together with the account. When creating users, units and groups, the creator is selected from the users already existing in the system. After that, different creator cannot be assigned.

The exception is changing the creator of a unit after it has been transferred from one account to another. In this case, the user of the account to which the unit is transferred is assigned as the unit creator.

There cannot be objects in the system that do not have a creator.

To indicate a user as the creator of an object, you should have a direct hierarchical connection with their account and possess the Act on behalf of this user and View object and its basic properties access rights to this user.

You cannot indicate a user of any parent account as the creator of an object.

The users that can't be assigned creators of an object are not shown in the list of available users. If an object is created by means of copying, or you do not have management rights to any user, the field of selecting a creator is unavailable and the current user (i.e. you) is assigned the creator. While viewing the properties of an object, the creator is only shown if there is some access to this user.

It is impossible to delete the user that is the creator of some object. You first should delete the object. For basic users, it should be done manually. As to the account creator, it is possible to delete it only by deleting its account.

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