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All the system objects used in Wialon are divided into micro- and macro-objects.


Micro-objects include:

These objects always belong to a certain resource and form an integral part of it.

You can work with micro-objects only in the monitoring system.


Macro-objects include:

The distinctive features of macro-objects are as follows:

  • They exist independently and do not form part of a bigger object such as a resource.
  • They can contain smaller objects which are deleted together with the macro-object they belong to. For example, a resource can consist of geofences, jobs, notifications, drivers, trailers, passengers, report templates, and orders. A unit can include sensors, commands, custom fields, and service intervals. Users and unit groups can contain custom fields.
  • The properties of most macro-objects (accounts, resources, users, units, unit groups) contain the Access tab which allows you to manage access rights to their contents or other macro-objects.

You can manage accounts, resources, billing plans, and retranslators only in the management system (CMS Manager). Users, units and unit groups are available both in the monitoring system and in CMS Manager. Routes are available only in the monitoring system.

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