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How to Use Hero-ME40-02 in Wialon

This guide describes how to use the Hero-ME-40-02  device in Wialon.

Quick setup

The Howen iTool  application is used to configure the device in this guide.

In order to point the device to your Wialon account, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the dash camera to the Wi-Fi of your mobile phone. The device is available for connection only 3 minutes  after switching on.
  2. Open the Howen iTool application and find the device. Use the refresh button if necessary.
  3. Log in. The default password is 111111.
  4. Open the settings and select the Info item.

    You can find the device ID in the  Dev ID  line.

    If you need to change the ID, select the Terminal item of the System section in the settings. Change the ID in the Dev ID field and click Save.
  5. In the settings, select the Center item of the Network section.
  6. Select the server.
  7. Select  H-protocol  in the Protocol list. Click Save.
  8. Specify the server IP and port  22129 . Click Save

    You can find the IP  address and port  in the unit properties.

  9. In the settings, select the Dial item of the  Network section. 
  10. Specify the APN settings: fill in the  Access point, User, Password fields according to the instructions of your mobile operator. Click Save.
  11. In the settings, select the General item of the Video section.
  12. Select the  H264  encoding format.  Click Save.
The supported audio codec is  G726.

Additional device settings

The additional device settings are available in the unit properties upon clicking on the icon   next to the  Device type  field. 

The available settings are as follows:

Content bitmask Here you can specify a bitmask which determines the   parameters that should be sent by the device.   To send all the available parameters, enter the value  16383. Content bitmask values are described below.
Time zone in minutesHere you can specify the time zone of the device in minutes. For example, for UTC+3 enter 180, and for UTC-5 enter -300. The time zone affects the playback of videos and the  registration of messages.
Add ACK to the subscription requestThis option allows adding the ACK  packet which acknowledges receiving a message. Use only if the device has the ACK option activated. 
Speed from CANThis option allows replacing speed values by the CAN parameter.
The Media server (under test) RTMP server (under test)  and  Camera aliases (under test)  fields are deprecated. They should be left blank.

Content bitmask values

bit0Location information
bit2Basic status
bit3Communication module working status
bit4Fuel consumption status
bit5Network status
bit6WI-FI network status
bit7Hard disk status
bit8Alarm status
bit9Temperature and humidity status
bit10Statistics data
bit11Button information
bit12OBD information
bit13Power voltage information
To find out the bitmask value, you should convert the bits into decimal values.

For example, if you need data from bits 1 and 7, enter the value 130 in the Content bitmask  field.


You can use commands to change certain settings in the device configuration. To do this, create a command of the Parameter configuration type, deactivate the Without parameters  option, and specify the required parameters. For example, in order to change the codec to H264, you can use the following command text: "RECORD": {"EncodeType":"0"}

If you want to change another option, send a request to  hw@wialon.com, and we will try to find a parameter which can change it.

If you have further questions regarding the device configuration in Wialon, send the request to  support@wialon.com  and specify the following details:

  • device type and ID,
  • issue description,
  • configuration file, if applicable.
For ultimate technical support with hardware setup, we recommend contacting the device manufacturer.



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