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The unit is a vehicle, machine, person, animal or other moving or stationary object, which is monitored by satellite monitoring. In the Wialon system, the unit is characterized by the type of equipment (GPS or GLONASS device) and the unique identification code of the unit in the system (ID). With units, you can work both in CMS Manager and in the main Wialon interface.

To work with units in CMS Manager, open the Units tab in the navigation panel. Units configured here become available for tracking (viewing on the map, monitoring various parameters and many others).

Here you can create a new unit, view existing ones, view or edit their properties, define access rights to units, and remove units from the system. These standard operations were described above. Units created in the monitoring system or CMS Manager are automatically added to the work list of the monitoring panel of the user-creator. You can view the log for each unit. Besides, you can transfer units from one account into another.

Moreover, there is a possibility to create units with settings imported from WLP files. To do this, click on the Create from WLP button. Choose a file, indicate the parameters, and click Next. Afterwards, a unit with the indicated parameters is created, and the properties dialog of the created unit opens.

When creating units, take into account the following peculiarities:

  • You cannot create units in the top account.
  • It is not recommended to create units in the account with dealer rights.

Unit deactivation

In relation to the pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the limitations on the number of days and deactivated units have been temporarily lifted. To switch to the billing plan with charges for each unit and get further information, contact your manager.

Deactivated units are the units that are temporarily unavailable for monitoring. Working with such units and their data is impossible until they are activated.

The deactivation of a unit may be necessary in case it is used, for instance, for a limited period of a year and does not need to be monitored the rest of the time.

The deactivation of units is available only for top accounts and accounts with dealer rights when using a billing plan with charges for each unit. The maximum number of deactivated units cannot exceed 50% of the total number of units available for the top account.

In order for the user to be able to deactivate a unit, the Unit deactivation service should be activated not only in their account properties but also in the account properties of the creator of this unit.

You can deactivate only those units from which messages with coordinates have been received.

Click on the Unit deactivation button in the navigation panel to open the deactivation menu. The menu consists of two lists, above each of which the filter and dynamic search are located, allowing to quickly find the required units.

The list of activated units shows only those units to which you have the Edit connectivity settings access right.

To move units from one list to the other, use the arrow keys between them or double-click the required unit. When the limit is reached, the transfer of units to the list on the right becomes impossible. The corresponding entry indicating the names of the units that were not deactivated appears in the log.

Press OK to save the changes. The selected units are deactivated for 90 days. However, they are not displayed in the monitoring system, and the dialogs of their properties in CMS Manager become read-only. At the end of this period, the units are automatically activated. Manually this can be done at any time (the process is similar to deactivation). The server does not receive data from the deactivated units, therefore, it is not available for this period after the activation.

If the limit of deactivated units is exceeded when the changes are saved (for instance, by another user), an error message is displayed in the log, and only the number that fits into the limit is deactivated.

The information about the deactivated units is displayed in the Deactivation column in the results window. The date and time of the deactivation are indicated (in red, if there are less than 7 days left) in front of the names of such units, and in the tooltip — the number of days before the automatic activation. The rows of the deactivated units are pale-colored.

If the Unit deactivation service is turned off for the account, all the deactivated units in it are activated automatically.

Unit properties

The unit properties are displayed when you create, edit, or copy a unit. They contain many tabs and fields that define different unit parameters and how the program interprets the data received from this unit.

The number of tabs can vary depending on your access rights and activated services. The maximum number is 13.

Restore properties/Export to file

In the Wialon system, you can restore unit properties and export them to a file. To do this, use the buttons in the bottom left corner of the unit properties dialog.

Restoring properties can be useful if you accidentally edited or deleted some data contained in the unit's properties dialog on any of its tabs. The properties of the unit saved in the last 14 days are available.

To restore the properties of a unit, you must have the rights to all the properties of the dialog (regardless of which ones are to be restored), as well as the rights to delete the item and perform actions with the files.

The current configuration of the properties of the unit is stored on a separate server once a day. To return to any saved configuration, click on the Restore properties button. As a result, a calendar with the orange-marked dates for which there is a saved configuration will open. After selecting the date, the dialog of importing from the WLP file opens, where you can specify the properties that are to be restored.

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