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Violations are a particular case of events. The report on violations gives the list of violations detected and registered in the unit history.

Violations can be recorded in two ways:

  • with the help of notifications if Register as violation is selected as an action;
  • with the help of manually registered custom events if they have the Violation box checked.

To make a report on a particular kind of violations, enter a mask in the report template to filter the text/description of violations (such as speed, accident, temperature, etc.). Only the messages whose text corresponds to the given mask are added to the table.

Below is the information which can be presented in this kind of report.

Violation timeThe time when the violation happened.
Time receivedThe time when the server received the data.
Violation textThe text of the notification or the description of the event.

The name of the user who registered the violation. If the violation was registered automatically, the field contains the name of the creator of the resource to which the notification belongs. The user name is hidden if you don’t have access rights to view it.

LocationThe unit location at the moment of the violation.
DriverThe name of the driver (if identified).
CountThe number of violations.
NotesAn empty column for your custom comments.

Files saved using the Video module which capture the time when the violation happened. To watch them, click on the icon (the number of grouped files is indicated to the right of it, if several). If several grouped files are available, you can select the required one in the drop-down list in the upper-left corner.

The column is available if the Video monitoring service is activated in the account properties.

ImageThe images received from the unit. Viewing images in reports and the functions available while doing this are described here.

In addition, you can use special markers for this report.

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