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The data sent by trackers is processed and stored in the database in the form of messages.

On the Messages tab, you can view unit messages with data (coordinates, parameters, speed, etc.), imported messages, SMS messages received from the unit, commands sent to the unit, events registered in its history, and the unit log. Besides, this data can be exported to a number of formats.

To open the Messages tab, select a corresponding name in the top panel or click on the necessary item in the main menu customizer. The workspace of the panel can be divided into four blocks:

  • in the left top corner, you can set the parameters of your request;
  • in the bottom left part, there is the statistics for current request or a panel to export/import messages;
  • in the top right section, there is the map;
  • at the lower right section, there are messages themselves.

The sectors can be resized (the left ones — in width, the right ones — both in width and height). To do this, click on the border between them with the left mouse button and while holding it, move the border to the right/left or up/down. At the same time, if less than 10% of the map is left while expanding the lower sector, the map automatically collapses. To return it, press on the line under the top panel.

Video: Messages tab

You can find information about the Messages tab in the following video dated 27.07.2021:

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