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In the upper panel on the left, there is the logo of the tracking services provider, and on the right, there is the menu setting button and the username with which the user has logged in.

The main menu of the program occupies the central part of the top panel. It contains different elements depending on the settings applied and also on the modules provided.

User menu

In the right corner of the top panel, the username used to log in is displayed. If you log in as another user, his or her username is indicated in brackets next to yours.


Clicking on the username opens the user menu with the items listed below.

Menu itemDescription
User settings

Opens user settings for viewing and/or editing.

Session management

Opens the Session management window.

LocatorOpens the Locator dialogue box.
Import/ExportEnables to transfer the settings of units, users, resources' contents (refer to Import and export).
Quick startOpens the tutorial. The Quick start service is required.
SupportTechnical support request. Can be unavailable.
HelpHelp request. Can be unavailable.
LogoutClick here to log out of the system (session termination).

Help and Support are links to third-party Internet resources containing either documentation or technical support. By default, they are disabled. To activate these options, contact Gurtam help system and provide corresponding URL addresses.

Notices and attention messages

Notices from the service manager can appear in the top panel under the username. 

Here you can also see attention messages about blocking your account and running out of traffic for the Video module.

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